Council Vacancies


The council has the following posts to be filled:


Assistant Secretary:

Required to assist the secretary with meeting minutes and general admin.


Airtime Editor:

Required to produce our AirTime magazine which showcases what our members are up to.


CD Representative:

Essential to co-ordinate all competitions held by the SAA.



Required to post website updates as and when required to help keep the membership informed.



It is important that all vacancies are filled in order that the council can work quickly and effectively in order to ensure that R/C flying is safe and enjoyable for all members and that we fulfil our legal obligations.


The SAA can only exist if we have members that are willing to help. If you think you can help your fellow members, please contact any member of Council.


The SAA needs you!


Steve McDonald

SAA Chairman Logo



To all SAA members,


This is a reminder of the need for all members to have a CAA Flyer ID as well as an Operator ID. In order to get a Flyer ID, you will need to pass the CAA DMARES test which is free to do, just click on the link below and follow the instructions:


This is now a CAA requirement as the previous exemption whereby members with an SAA Bronze award or above did not require a Flyer ID, expired on 1st January 2022, see detail in CAP722F Section 2.2.


Please note that this is a legal requirement and that your SAA insurance covers you for flying within the law.


Steve McDonald

SAA Chairman





To all SAA Members,


I trust you all had a good Christmas and are looking forward to a somewhat scaled back New Year celebration.


Yesterday, our Article 16 renewal application was submitted to the CAA and I would like to thank our secretary Bob Lemm and our treasurer Richard Blanski for their help in this matter. It has taken some considerable time to get to this stage as it required a complete rewrite of Our Safety Code, a substantial update on the Achievement Scheme and the completion of the CAA Article 16 Compliance Checklist. This would not have been possible without the hard work of our safety committee, consisting of Dougie Sheppard, Don Imrie, Duncan Gray and John Miller and my thanks go to them all for the efforts. I would also like to thank the vast majority of the membership for their patience and understanding while we went through this process, and we hope that we will all be flying under the SAA’s Article 16 authorisation early in the new year.


We have also agreed terms for 2022 Insurance and are awaiting the final documentation from our insurance broker Tysers. Cost is pretty much on a par with last year albeit slightly cheaper. As soon as the policy documentation arrives, it will be posted on the website and emailed to all club secretaries and country members.


It just remains for me to wish you all the very best for 2022, may it be healthy, safe and include many happy landings.






Steve McDonald

SAA Chairman



Scottish Aeromodellers Association


Update on the point raised at the AGM regarding insurance is on the Membership and Insurance page!



Apology to Gordon Hunter


A point was raised by Gordon Hunter at the AGM demanding that the statement of the accounts bearing his name be withdrawn with immediate effect. This was done yesterday, and this is a statement of apology from the council for using his name on the accounts without his express permission.


The reason for including his name was that Gordon was co-opted treasurer for most of the period and we were giving him credit for the work had had done and please be assured that there was no disrespect or malice intended. On hindsight, we should have contacted Gordon first to discuss what our intentions were and given him the choice as to whether his name was included or not.


The council would like to apologise to Gordon and thank him for his efforts and for ensuring that the handover to the new treasurer was straightforward and smooth.


SAA Council


New membership fees posted in the Membership and Insurance page!


On the Insurance query, I have left a message with Tysers and will post an update when I get the necessary information!



Please read the "News Updates" page ! for the latest information ....



The Scottish Aeromodellers Association (SAA) was formed over seventy years ago providing a NonProfit Scottish body dedicated to the maintenance and support of the internationally recognised sport encompassing all model flying disciplines. The SAA exists as an Association of Scottish Aeromodelling Clubs and provides a variety of services, events, competitions and knowledge base for its members. The SAA is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA), allowing clubs and their members access to a great number of publications relating specifically to aeromodelling in the UK and internationally through the BMFA's affiliation to The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.


We are the central body in Scotland dedicated to the support and maintenance of all  model flying disciplines in the internationally recognised sport of Aeromodelling. See link below for a short introduction video.


Scottish Aeromodellers Association