Council Vacancies


The council has the following posts to be filled:


Assistant Secretary:

Required to assist the secretary with meeting minutes and general admin.


Airtime Editor:

Required to produce our AirTime magazine which showcases what our members are up to.


CD Representative:

Essential to co-ordinate all competitions held by the SAA.



Required to post website updates as and when required to help keep the membership informed.



It is important that all vacancies are filled in order that the council can work quickly and effectively in order to ensure that R/C flying is safe and enjoyable for all members and that we fulfil our legal obligations.


The SAA can only exist if we have members that are willing to help. If you think you can help your fellow members, please contact any member of Council.


The SAA needs you!


Steve McDonald

SAA Chairman Logo


For COVID related issues and futher guidance please email

the SAA Covid Officer at


Dear Member,


Below you will find the latest COVID 19 bulletin which has been written based on the latest guidelines issued by SportScotland following the most recent update from the Scottish government. As you can see, we are approaching business as usual, however the virus is still about and will be with us for long term.


Therefore, the guidance from the Council is that you follow the guidelines below as a minimum. We understand that this has been a long haul and we very much appreciate the sacrifices made and the co-operation afforded by the membership in doing their bit to help stop the spread of COVID 19.


So, let’s get on with enjoying our wonderful hobby and pray that the weather gods are kind to us over the remainder of the flying season.


Stay Safe and Happy Landings




Steve McDonald

SAA Chairman


COVID 19 – Release Bulletin No. 7


To ensure that it is safe to progress ‘Beyond Level 0’, guidance is being linked to the ‘Gateway condition’.  This relates the amount of vaccine coverage to the Scottish Government’s new strategic intent to ‘suppress the virus at a level consistent with alleviating its harms’.

Most legal restrictions relating to Covid-19 were lifted on the 9th August 2021 when Scotland moved to ‘Beyond Level 0’.  This includes restrictions on physical distancing and the size of social gatherings. Whilst these changes will signal the end of most restrictions for sport and physical activity it will not however signal the end of the epidemic. Covid-19 is a disease that will need to be managed for the foreseeable future and to maintain progress in returning to more normality, it is important that people continue to abide by a set of baseline measures covered by Scottish Government guidance and where relevant legislation. This includes:

  • Good hand hygiene and surface cleaning.
  • Continued promotion of good ventilation.
  • Requirement for face coverings in certain settings (e.g., public transport, retail).
  • Continued compliance with Test and Protect, including self-isolation when necessary.
  • Ongoing need for outbreak management capability, including active surveillance.
  • Continue to encourage a greater degree of working from home than pre-COVID-19. Where this is possible and appropriate, it will not only assist with controlling transmission of the virus, but also promote wellbeing more generally

The latest SportScotland guidance documents can be found here:


and the latest Government's statement can be found here:


I draw your attention to the following statement:
“Test & Protect will continue to contact-trace positive cases. To assist with this there will be a continued requirement for indoor hospitality and similar venues to collect the contact details of customers.”


and from the SportScotland guidance document:


Maintaining customer records

  1. Operators should where possible collect the name, contact number, date of visit, time of arrival, and the departure time of all those attending facilities or activities.

Our advice is that the Track & Trace systems in place should remain in place for anyone using club huts and containers and the door where possible should be left open. For anyone only using the outdoor facilities it will be up to the individual clubs to decide if they want to continue with the Track & Trace systems. There are a number of systems in place at the moment to assist with name logging:

- a shared Google Sheets spreadsheet or Calendar

- a “WhatsApp” message group for logging your times at the site

- a QR Code:

- email to the club’s Covid Officer