Article 16 – Update 06 Aug ‘21


Following confirmation from Tysers, our insurers, it is not possible to fly under Article 16 as an associate member of the LMA using SAA insurance. This is due to changes in the way liability is covered and is not the result we were hoping for.


The LMA have however offered full membership starting from 1st September 2021 and ending 31st December 2022 for £30, the BMFA have a reduced membership of £29 but only covers you until 31st December 2021.


It has been confirmed that if joint full membership of the SAA and either the LMA or the BMFA are held, then the LMA or BMFA insurance will provide cover when flying under Article 16.


SAA members can continue to fly in the open category under the SAA insurance, however, should any member of the SAA wish to fly under Article 16, they will require full membership of either the LMA or the BMFA.


Note: Although Article 16 permits flying above 120m(400ft), the Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOM) of a powered aircraft must not exceed 7.5kg including fuel. For gliders the MTOM is 14kg and they can be flown at a height greater than 120m above the ground directly beneath them, but no more 120m above the pilot.


I hope this clarifies the situation, but feel free to contact me if you are unsure.


In the meantime, the team are working hard to regain Article 16 authorisation and the Council, thank you for your continued patience, support and understanding.


Happy landings




Steve McDonald

SAA Chairman


Note:- CAP 722 


Please use the link below to access the latest version of CAP 722. Please familiarise yourself with the relevant sections, especially if you are flying in the Open Category


CAP722 Document

Council Vacancies


The council has the following posts to be filled:


Assistant Secretary:

Post Filled by Bob Lemm



Post filled by Richard Blanski


Airtime Editor:

Required to produce our AirTime magazine which showcases what our members are up to.



Required to post website updates as and when required to help keep the membership informed.


It is important that all vacancies are filled in order that the council can work quickly and effectively in order to ensure that R/C flying is safe and enjoyable for all members and that we fulfil our legal obligations.


The SAA can only exist if we have members that are willing to help. If you think you can help your fellow members, please contact any member of Council.


The SAA needs you!


Steve McDonald

SAA Chairman Logo

Training and Testing Weekends


 Training and Testing Weekends for 2021

are yet to be scheduled.


(Also see bottom of page for Simulator info)


Training Videos are below for Members to learn how to complete the flying schedules. 


SAA Bronze:

Schedule here:

SAA Bronze Plus:

Schedule here:

SAA Silver:

Schedule here:

F3a Clubman:

F3a Clubman Schedule here:

F3a Intermediate:

F3a Intermediate schedule here:

IMAC Sportsman:

IMAC Intermediate:

IMAC Schedules here:


This video has just been released for anyone planning on doing their Bronze at West Calder in August. The Phoenix scenery file can be downloaded from here: and information of the RealFlight backgrounds can be found here:


If you are doing your Bronze this year then please don’t forget to practice the simulated dead stick, and read the safety manual.




SAA Training & Testing Weekends 2020 are cancelled at present.


Event: SAA Training & Testing Weekend 2020

25/26 April
Name of Flying club: Angus Model Flying Club
Start Time: 10:00
Toilets: Yes
Event: SAA Training & Testing Weekend 2020
6/7 June
Name of Flying club: Balbedie Aeromodelling Club
Start Time: 10:00
Toilets: Yes


Event: SAA Training & Testing Weekend 2020

8/9th August with the following weekend as a backup.

Name of Flying club: West Calder Aeromodellers.


Website for your location:

Time of fly in start each day 10:00am


Event: SAA Training & Testing Weekend 2020
When: 5/6 September (backup dates 12/13 Sept)
Name of Flying club: Hamilton Model Flying Club
Start Time: 10:00
Toilets: Yes




Below is just an example of what will be coming over the next few months. 

Flying School

  1. 1st priority is flight familiarisation
  2. 2nd priority is runway approaches
  3. 3rd priority is landing and take-off
  4. 4th priority is circles and procedure turn
  5. 5th priority is Dead Stick simulation

Ground School:

  1. Transmitter setup:
  2. new aircraft
  3. wing type (normal versus aileron)
  4. drive reduction and dual rate switch setup (away is high rates)
  5. end point adjustment
  6. expo
  7. buddy box set-up
  8. SAA Safety Manual
  9. CAA Registration Scheme
  10. Flying Site Safety Protocols
  11. Kit Building and Repair Skills



There are many good simulators about these days, however Imagine if your learning and then wishing to take your Bronze or Silver and you can practice at the site your going to take your achievement award at. See the file below, which offers you the West Calder flying site for Pheonix or Realflight so you can get practicing for the real thing.