Council Vacancies


The council has the following posts to be filled:


Assistant Secretary:

Required to assist the secretary with meeting minutes and general admin.


Airtime Editor:

Required to produce our AirTime magazine which showcases what our members are up to.


CD Representative:

Essential to co-ordinate all competitions held by the SAA.



Required to post website updates as and when required to help keep the membership informed.



It is important that all vacancies are filled in order that the council can work quickly and effectively in order to ensure that R/C flying is safe and enjoyable for all members and that we fulfil our legal obligations.


The SAA can only exist if we have members that are willing to help. If you think you can help your fellow members, please contact any member of Council.


The SAA needs you!


Steve McDonald

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Web Archive

Some previous items on the SAA web may be of interest, therefore removed / deleted items may be able to be found below (in no particular order).




Covid Restrictions - SAA Advice

8th Jan 2021 


Dear SAA Member,


Following the latest Scottish Government COVID-19 restrictions especially in light of the new variant, it is vitally important that everyone plays their part in preventing this virus from spreading as much as is humanly possible.


The guidance on the Scottish Government website states that we can participate in outdoor recreation with one other person from a different household, which would permit only two people to attend a flying field facility at any one time.


The latest definition from SportScotland reads :- Only a single household group, or a group containing no more than 2 people from 2 different households can meet outdoors for sport, exercise or recreation purposes. Where separate households are participating 2m physical distancing should always be maintained.”


However, the SAA council are recommending that you refrain from R/C flying until further notice and only attending flying sites for essential maintenance purposes, as long as you have the landowner’s permission. We are constantly reviewing the Scottish Government guidance and are in contact with SportScotland, we will report back when there is a significant change.


We thank you for your continued support on this matter, if we all do our bit now, we will get back to flying in due course.



Please see some additional information from the SAA Covid Committee below.






SAA Council




Latest Covid Position 5th Jan 2021


We have looked at the Government website and seen the latest communication from Sport Scotland via Tom, and although it will allow up to 2 people to fly, unpopular as it may be the SAA are advising that all clubs should remain closed for all but essential maintenance and even then only with the land owners permission. We are in contact with Sport Scotland and will post any updates as soon as we receive them.






Covid Guidance Up To 30 People

Please see the new page tab on the LHS holding details of what Sport Scotland Guidance clubs need to follow to allow more than 15 people from no more than 5 households.  



Covid Update 14th Sept 2020


Latest update on attendance numbers for flying


Hi, Just an update on what the association has been doing during these times. Given the latest direction from the Scottish government we have been working with Sport Scotland to seek clarification on our status to attend our fields. The latest direction of no more than 6 people from within 2 households has become legally enforceable from Monday 14th and is for meeting friends and family. For sports and leisure activities you can still meet with up to 4 other households:


We have been in contact with Sport Scotland who have been tasked to oversee the implementation of the return to sport by the government by working with all the SGB’s (Sport Governing Bodies). As we are the governing body for model flying in Scotland we have a document in place with Sport Scotland applying for permission to allow us to have activity bubbles of up to 30 people. We are awaiting the final approval on this which should happen very soon, but until this is approved as we are an organised sport we should carry on with the guidance as it is for meeting people outside which is up to 15 people from no more than 5 households. As soon as we have authority to create activity bubbles we will forward it on with all the stipulations that have to be followed to allow this to happen.


All parts of the stipulations must be followed to go ahead.


Yours, Jim McGlynn



CAA Registration


Dear all, the second bulk upload for the CAA has been sent from the SAA, therefore members wishing to register will need to visit the CAA website directly. There are no further bulk uploads planned by the CAA at this point in time.


Covid Lockdown ease update 28th May 2020



             After today’s speech by the first minister it is good to be able to say to you that you can open your flying fields again from tomorrow. We as a council have some information (below) and Guidelines for your clubs to consider, they are not direction but guidelines that you can tweak to suit your club location and needs. We have also attached (below) the governments route map out of lockdown as it breaks down how we will move forward out of this situation. So, if you can pass on this to your members it is appreciated.







If you have a cough or are unwell in any way – or indeed if you have been in contact recently with anyone else displaying these symptoms. Any member who has had the virus, or thinks they might have had it and recovered, should consider whether they should be at the field in the first place. We need to keep in mind the governments guidelines on travel for leisure and exercise. At the moment they say you should stay in your local area and that should be broadly 5 miles. So that is up to individuals to check if their flying field is BROADLY in a 5 Mile radius of their home. I am in contact with the government trying to get a better definition than Broadly. They have advised that although it won’t be illegal to travel further than 5 miles they ask that we do not. Permitted to travel short distances for outdoor leisure and exercise but advice to stay within a short distance of your local community (broadly within 5 miles) and travel by walk, wheel and cycle where possible.


Club Guidelines



Safety and Protection



Each member should have their own PPE with them. This should include hand sanitizing gel, and may include gloves and masks as they see fit.



Disinfectant spray will be in the peg board cabinet. First person on site can spray the gates. Or use wipes brought with them.



All wipes gloves and any other rubbish must be taken home by each member.



Each member needs to bring their own first aid kit as access to the container is not available.



It is recommended that a mobile phone is on your person at all times whilst at the club during these times. Please have your ICE contact setup.






No access to the container except for maintenance operations.


Car Park



Main gate to be closed but not locked to prevent visitors



Cars used as shelters and parked one car width apart. Social distancing rules apply so perhaps 2 car widths.



The picnic benches have been resited to give 2 mtr separation allowing them to be used.



The number of people on site will be from 2 households, as most members are individuals that for most times will be 2.





Each member must arrive at the field fully equipped so no equipment is shared. This means ensuring you are fully prepared for all eventualities.



Ensure model is ready for flight: do not arrive at field with radio not

bound, controls not set up/adjusted, fail safe not set, etc. as no

physical help will be available.



Site Protocols



Only club members on site, no visitors. Any members of the public who may try and visit should be asked tactfully to leave, and return after the complete lifting of the lockdown



Only one set up bench is used at a time.



Only alternative bays on the pits are used.



Only two flyers allowed on the pilot stance two metres apart



Pilot’s stance is marked out with paint to ensure distancing.



Starting tables will be located sufficiently far apart: all activities must maintain 2m separation (allow room for manoeuvring around model etc) Using one table at a time should cover this.





Training can continue but only on buddy leads or wirelessly. As we have at this point in time been advised 2 households can meet, in response to Mark W him and Arran can attend.



Instructors can have the slot after their training slot to allow them access to a flying session.



No simulator mornings until lockdown lifted




Complete check list:



a)         Pack sterile hand wash/disinfectant wipes/disinfectant spray. Required

b)         Protective gloves, Optional

c)         Emergency contact details in flight bag. Required

d)         First aid kit. Required.

e           Mobile phone.Required

f            Please setup your In Case of Emergency contact on your phone.





SAA Insurance Update


Dear All,


There is a rumour going around that SAA members insurance has been cancelled during the Covid -19 outbreak. The SAA would like to make it perfectly clear that this is incorrect.


There are also members who are not understanding the government guidelines and are trying to find ways to get around the guidelines to visit a flying field, we have now checked with our insurers and their response is below.


Our insurance is still under the same conditions of DRES i.e. you will be insured as long as you are in compliance with all the laws pertaining to our activities. At this time the police have the power to stop and ask you your reasons for travelling, travelling to a model flying field is not regarded an essential journey as it is like driving to a location away from your house to go a walk. Neither is flying model aircraft regarded as exercise, on a further note from the insurers, should a modeller whilst flying infect someone else with covid 19 there will be no insurance cover for that.



Coronovirus - Update - All SAA Clubs to close.


The SAA Council would like to advise all members that in light of the statements by Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon made on Monday 23rd March 2020 we are now in a lockdown situation. Under the terms of the lockdown clubs are to close till such times as the current situation is amended by the authorities.


SAA and Club Events 2020


Please note that all events, Competitions and Training previously on the SAA calendar are to be cancelled (at present) and the Events page and calendar are not available until further notice.




The government’s latest update (Friday evening) is closing all pubs, restaurants, cinema’s, theatres, gyms, leisure centres, cafes. Their scientific person advised that social interaction should be kept to a minimum, but if you are out and with others social distancing should be paramount with the minimum distance now being advised at 2 mtrs. She also advised frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitiser, also you should not touch other peoples equipment.


In view  of this advice at this time, it is up to each member to decide if they wish to go to the flying fields and clubs and if they do they must follow the advice for their own safety. This applies especially to the over 70’s as advised by the government as they have a diminished immune system regardless of how fit they may feel. See the guidance below.



SAA Thermal Soaring Temporary Suspension


After having had  Covid 19  conversations with other League Organisers I have decided to Temporarily suspend competitions until further notice.






The CAA have issued two safety notices on:

1 - water ingress. Safety Notice. This has come to their attention due to the AAIB, and involves the loss of control of multirotor small unmanned aircraft. The AAIB concluded that the cause in each case was a result of water ingress into the aircraft.

2 - flying directly over uninvolved peopleSafety Notice. The investigation of several UAS incidents has highlighted a requirement to provide better guidance for remote pilots of small unmanned aircraft when flying over uninvolved people in accordance with Air Navigation Order 2016 (ANO) article 95



Drone Registration Education System


It’s been quite an eventful month since the DRES went live and everyone has been eager to understand what they should do to remain flying. All the model associations have been issuing their interpretation of the guidance and advising their members. The processes are still not 100% clear, however our advice is,


  • Make sure you have an achievement award or sit the on line test by 30th Nov 2019.
  • Pay your £9.00 to the SAA or direct if you use the DRES on line.
  • Complete the SAA Registration form provided to the club by the SAA and return this to the SAA Membership Secretary by 10th Jan 2020.
  • Fly legally - Please note that to be insured you must fly lawfully for this you should register with the CAA. No Operator ID or (Flying ID or copy of the General Exemption plus an achievement award) may mean no insurance.
  • Label your aircraft once you have your Operator ID.
  • Passing the DRES/Drone test does not circumvent the SAA achievement scheme e.g. Bronze.
  • Clubs should ensure members are registered and flying safely at all times, this includes ensuring membership cards are available when intending to fly as well as operator and flyer registration.


Please also note: Aircraft Safety: Endangering the safety of an aircraft could result in a five-year prison sentence. Failure to comply: could result in a fixed penalty notice or prosecution if challenged by the Police should they suspect you of flying unlawfully.