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SAA Insurance Update


Dear All,


There is a rumour going around that SAA members insurance has been cancelled during the Covid -19 outbreak. The SAA would like to make it perfectly clear that this is incorrect.


There are also members who are not understanding the government guidelines and are trying to find ways to get around the guidelines to visit a flying field, we have now checked with our insurers and their response is below.


Our insurance is still under the same conditions of DRES i.e. you will be insured as long as you are in compliance with all the laws pertaining to our activities. At this time the police have the power to stop and ask you your reasons for travelling, travelling to a model flying field is not regarded an essential journey as it is like driving to a location away from your house to go a walk. Neither is flying model aircraft regarded as exercise, on a further note from the insurers, should a modeller whilst flying infect someone else with covid 19 there will be no insurance cover for that.


Please also read the "News Updates" page !



The Scottish Aeromodellers Association (SAA) was formed over seventy years ago providing a NonProfit Scottish body dedicated to the maintenance and support of the internationally recognised sport encompassing all model flying disciplines. The SAA exists as an Association of Scottish Aeromodelling Clubs and provides a variety of services, events, competitions and knowledge base for its members. The SAA is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA), allowing clubs and their members access to a great number of publications relating specifically to aeromodelling in the UK and internationally through the BMFA's affiliation to The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.


We are the central body in Scotland dedicated to the support and maintenance of all  model flying disciplines in the internationally recognised sport of Aeromodelling. See link below for a short introduction video.


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