Results of Future Direction of the SAA Voting

The Aeromodellers Association (Scotland) Limited trading as SAA

Further to the conclusion of the members voting to determine the future direction of the SAA, I can now announce the final results, which have been verified as correct by two directors and the SAA membership secretary.
Members votes were accepted both by email and in writing and voting concluded at midnight on Friday 18th November 2022.

Voting Results

225 members voted which represents 32% of members eligible to vote.

Option 1.      Maintain the SAA in its present format.
             Achieved: 9 votes representing 4.00% of votes received.

Option 2.      Form an alliance with the LMA (The Large Model Association Ltd)
             Achieved: 2 votes representing 0.89% of votes received.

Option 3.      Re-establish the existing affiliation with the BMFA.
             Achieved: 214 votes representing 95.11% of votes received.


Having received a resounding endorsement from the voting membership, Option 3 will now be accepted as the future direction of the SAA.
In accordance with the Articles of Association of The Aeromodellers Association (Scotland) Limited, and the Companies Act 2006 this result provides the directors with a direct mandate to act upon this resolution.
The directors will therefore immediately proceed to enter into dialogue with the management of the BMFA to re-establish the existing affiliation arrangements.
Further details regarding the administration and management changes resulting from this affiliation will be notified as soon as mutual agreements and legal due diligence has been concluded.

May I take this opportunity to thank all members who have taken time to support the SAA management by submitting a vote on this important matter.

Steve McDonald
SAA Chairman


Notice to Members (old)

As many of you will be aware, the SAA Directors have recently held meetings with the BMFA and LMA following an approach from the BMFA for assistance in Scotland to support their increased membership.
These meetings generated much debate within the SAA Council regarding the future direction of the SAA and a ‘letter to members’ has now been issued to invite members to decide which option they consider will best suit the future development of the SAA.
This membership decision will be a pivotal moment in the history of the SAA and a copy of the ‘letter to members’ is displayed below. As stated within, there is also further information regarding the BMFA option provided here on the SAA website.
Please carefully consider your decision and submit your vote by either email to: or post to: SAA Membership Secretary, 47 Crofthead Crescent, Bellshill, North Lanarkshire, ML4 2BP, including your name and SAA membership number.
Please clearly state the option of your choice.
Please see below for copy of letter and Additional information
Voting will close on 18th November and the result will be announced on the 21st November.
Thank you for your continued support.

Steve McDonald
SAA Chairman

Please see the !! Letter to Members !! by clicking Here

Please see !! Additional Information !! by clicking Here