Aerobatics F3A

The competition circuit date for F3A Aerobatics can be found on the SAA website Events Page Events Page
for Further details Contact: Tom Laird on 07761-645644

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At the entry level for people starting, an Acro-Wot or similar low wing model (SpeedAir, Angel / Wind / Mythos 50 etc) will be perfectly useable.

As you progress, the next level most people will go to is the 120 class so something like the Mythos 125 or Ascent would be acceptable choices.

The next level up can start to get a bit expensive but no more than any other top level hobby or sports equipment.

The following Videos show the F3A clubman and Intermediate schedules

The following Trophies for "F3A Aerobatics" can be competed for each year

Entry Level Clubman schedule video (Click to play)

The Campbell Cup, Intermediate Aerobatics League

The Edinburgh Cup, FAI Aerobatics League