Jet Models

Jet model aircraft have been developed over the last thirty years or so using gas turbines and electric motors. These motive power sources have been developed to a point where they are now commercially viable and have a usable power range for use in model aircraft. The models themselves can be divided into the following groups.

Scale Jets

Scale Jets are miniature replicas of jet aircraft from the very first jets such as the Gloster Whittle up to modern jets such as the American F18 Hornet. These models are powered either with a gas turbine or an electric motor.

Aerobatic Jets

Aerobatic jets are models designed specifically for aerobatics and are also powered by gas turbine or electric motors. The Schedule is F3S.
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Sport Jets

Sport jets are models that are designed for normal club flying and as an introduction and training for flying jets .


There are no dedicated jet / EDF competitions in Scotland but their attendance at the Scale events is warmly welcomed. There are a number of competitions world-wide for example the World Jet Masters:

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