Scale Models

Scale flying models is the reproduction of real aircraft into various scale: ½, 1/3, ¼, 1/5, 1/6, down to 300 mm or less. Models are mostly constructed of balsa wood with plywood reinforcement and covered in heat shrink film.



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These are powered by miniature turbine engines range from early fifties fighters and airliners, to modern. These models can range from around 1m to 12m wingspan


These range of models include pre-world war 1 bi-plane and tri-planes, private passenger and fighter aircraft from between WW1 to WW2, and WW2 fighters and bombers (5cc to 500cc single and multi-cylinder glow plug, petrol, diesel engine using an ether/paraffin/oil mix)


With the vast development of lithium polymer batteries (lipo’s) and high performance electric motors aircraft range from single to multi motors to electric ducted fan driven jets.

ARTF (Almost Ready To Fly)

These models can be constructed from foam, ply and balsa. They range in price from around £50 to £1000 and can be powered by JETS, ELECTRIC or IC.

SCALE Competitions


There are various competitions with F4C being the top of scale modelling. Models are judged on a reproduction of the real aircraft with documentation of flight as of real aircraft, with points awarded for take-off, landing and manoeuvres such as rolls, loops, stalls and so on...

Class II

The same points are awarded as above but with a less strict judgement, from a further distance though the flying is the same as for F4C

Class III

Class III is flown to rules drawn up by the late Ron Fraser and consists of a flight (normally around 10 mins – decided by CD depending on number of entries) the model to be flown in the manner of the full size prototype – no static judging – other than photographic proof if it is an obscure subject

Flying Scale

Flying Scale (or Flying Only Scale) is as it suggests a flying only schedule with no static judging taking place.

Popular Scale

This is for models up to 020 glow size at the Scottish Nationals. Flying only, no static judging.

Concurs de’ elegance

This is an annual static, indoor competition which is looking for the best built model from any discipline.


The Mick Charles Trophy, awarded to the best Scottish pilot at the Scottish Nationals

SAA Open Scale "Top Gun" Trophy for the highest placed non-Scottish pilot at the Scottish Nationals

The Class III Trophy, awarded to the Class III winner at the Scottish Nationals

Millennium Cup, awarded to the winner of the Flying Scale class at the Scottish Nationals

The Stewart Cup, awarded to the winner of the Flying Scale class at the Scottish Nationals

The Carmen Trophy awarded to the winner of the Popular Scale class

The David Guild Memorial Trophy, awarded to the winner at the Concurs de’ elegance

The Lew Weaver Shield. This is given to the best model at the Alloa Scale Comp and is open to all types of model, electric, glow, petrol etc

The Large Model Aircraft Trophy awarded to the best international model at the Scottish Model Airshow.