CAA Information

This page shall contain relevant CAA information to keep members and clubs fully informed of any change and current information from the CAA pertaining to model flying

CAA documents and any previous or older information can be viewed in the documents page as this will be updated with CAA documents as they are updated or released

Current Status

The (SAA Article 16 Authorisation) is currently progressing and under review with the CAA and as soon as we have further news it will be posted here

CAP 722 is the relevant CAA document outlining "Model Flying Regulations" and again this can be viewed in the documents page

Any CAA NOTAMS will be listed here while active with indication of area they apply.

NOTAM Area Dates

Permission to fly above 400ft.

When Article 16 authorisation is regained, SAA clubs where members wish to fly aircraft, with a take-off mass in excess of 7.5kg, at a height above 400ft, will require a permit.
This is a condition of our Article 16 authorisation as detailed in CAP 722F Section 3.
These permits will be issued by the SAA following a site survey by a council member and/or safety committee member and will required to be renewed annually. Clubs issued with a permit will be published below:-

Over 400ft Authorisation Expiry Date