Thanks to the Safety Committee  the update of our Safety Code to comply with Article 16 has been completed and is now with the CAA. Hopefully it won't be too long now, until we have our Article 16 reauthorisation and normal service can be resumed.


Once again, thank you to the membership for their continued patience.


Steve McDonald

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Full details of SAA certification for all model types are available in the SAA Safety Manual
Available Here

SAA Safety and Achievement Scheme 2015V1.4 2020.pdf



Safety in clubs and the SAA Handbook

There is always a debate in clubs about safety and following the SAA Handbook guidance. In theory we would expect everyone to fly sensibly and legally, this means following at this time CAP 658, the drone code, park management rules and or local by-laws and the SAA safety code and the CAA online test if required. Due to the DRES and times changing (e.g. newer models/Lipo batteries/complex electronics) the Safety Committee will be meeting early next year to look at where we all stand to ensure member are flying safely and legally to protect their insurance cover in the event of an incident. Pease follow your current Handbook guidance, ensure members are following this to the best of their ability. Clarity can be provided by contacting our Safety Officer/Vice Chairman.