As you will have no doubt heard, our Article 16 re-authorisation was not granted. The CAA have given us a list of the areas that we have to address and this is in the process of being completed. We were offered, and have gladly engaged the assistance of Mr John Miller, a member of the Warrix club and an ex CAA inspector. This will hopefully ensure that when the resubmission is made, that it will be fully compliant with the CAA's requirements. Until then, members must continue to fly under the "Open Category" unless they have decided to join the BMFA or the LMA which will allow them to fly under Article 16. If SAA members need the benefits of flying under Article 16, the most cost effective option is to become an Associate Member of the LMA.


Once again, thank you to the membership for your continued support and patience.


Steve McDonald

SAA Chairman


Note:- CAP 722 


Please use the link below to access the latest version of CAP 722. Please familiarise yourself with the relevant sections, especially if you are flying in the Open Category


CAP722 Document

Council Vacancies


The council has the following posts to be filled:


Assistant Secretary:

Required to assist the secretary as and when required, to provide minutes of council meetings and possibly help to manage the website and social media.



Required to maintain the accounts and to submit the necessary annual returns.


Airtime Editor:

Required to produce our AirTime magazine which showcases what our members are up to.



Required to post website updates as and when required to help keep the membership informed.


It is important that all vacancies are filled in order that the council can work quickly and effectively in order to ensure that R/C flying is safe and enjoyable for all members and that we fulfil our legal obligations.


The SAA can only exist if we have members that are willing to help. If you think you can help your fellow members, please contact any member of Council.


The SAA needs you! 


Steve McDonald

SAA Chairman Logo

SAA Committee and Contact Details


Steven McDonald  Chairman/Director
Dougie Sheppard  Vice Chairman
Dougie Sheppard  Safety Officer/Training
Willie Jack  Secretary/Director
Vacant Position  Assistant Secretary  
Andrew Anderson  Membership Secretary
Gary McFarlane  Treasurer/Director
Colin Nicol  PRO and Youth Development
Bill Grimsley  CD's Representative
Carolyn Law  Club Liaison Officer
Lesley Nicol  Merchandising Officer
Vacant Position  Web Master  
Vacant Position  Newsletter Airtime Editor  
Tom Laird  Covid Officer
Colin Maclean  FSAA Guardian
Tom Love  FSAA Guardian
Ian Sutherland  Guardian


Or in Writing to:-

SAA 47 Crofthead Crescent

Bellshill, North Lanarkshire,