Covid Guidance Package Release


Doc 01 is the covering letter explaining how to get up to 30 people onto the flying site or
at a competition or training event. Doc 02 is the latest government guidance template. Doc 03 is the Covid Officer job role description. Doc 04 is a risk assessment example. Doc 05 is the risk assessment in doc format. Doc 06 is the same but in spreadsheet format. Doc 07 is the SAA’s version of 02 which has been approved by
SportScotland on behalf
of the government. Doc 08 is an example risk assessment as modified for aeromodelling.
This is not
exhaustive and needs to be tailored to individual clubs
or activities.


File: 01CovidGuidancePackageReleaseLetter-adb7b.pdf 


Phase 3 return to sport and physical activity guidance


File: 02Phase3Returntosportandphysicalactivityguidance100920FINAL-2294a.docx


Sportscotland Covid Officer


File: 03sportscotland-covid-officer-365e1.pdf


Risk Assessment Example


File: 04risk-assessment-example-0897d.pdf


Risk Assessment Template Blank


File: 05risk-assessment-template-blank-7cf37.docx


Risk Assessment Template Blank


File: 06risk-assessment-template-blank-ea98c.xlsx


Covid Sports Specific Guidance for the Scottish Aeromodellers Association


File: 07CovidSportsSpecificGuidancefortheScottishAeromodellersAssociation-eca04.pdf


Risk Assessment Example for Aeromodelling


File: 08RiskAssessmentExampleforAeromodelling-f65fc.docx