Covid Package Release 5


Covid Restrictions - SAA Advice

8th Jan 2021 


 Dear SAA Member,


Following the latest Scottish Government COVID-19 restrictions especially in light of the new variant, it is vitally important that everyone plays their part in preventing this virus from spreading as much as is humanly possible.


The guidance on the Scottish Government website states that we can participate in outdoor recreation with one other person from a different household, which would permit only two people to attend a flying field facility at any one time.


The latest definition from SportScotland reads :- Only a single household group, or a group containing no more than 2 people from 2 different households can meet outdoors for sport, exercise or recreation purposes. Where separate households are participating 2m physical distancing should always be maintained.”


However, the SAA council are recommending that you refrain from R/C flying until further notice and only attending flying sites for essential maintenance purposes, as long as you have the landowner’s permission. We are constantly reviewing the Scottish Government guidance and are in contact with SportScotland, we will report back when there is a significant change.


We thank you for your continued support on this matter, if we all do our bit now, we will get back to flying in due course.



Please see some additional information from the SAA Covid Committee below.






SAA Council