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Covid Guidance Package Release 6 - From 12th March 2021


See Below for the revised documents. 

  • SAA covering statement explaining how to allow up to 15 people onto individual flying sites.
  • The latest government guidance template.
  • The Covid Officer job role description.
  • A risk assessment example.
  • The risk assessment in doc format.
  • The same but in spreadsheet format.
  • The SAA’s version of the "return to sport and physical activities document" which is pending approval by SportScotland on behalf of the government.
  • An example risk assessment as modified for aeromodelling. This is not
    exhaustive and needs to be tailored to individual clubs or activities.


SAA statement from 12th March 2021


Due to the slight easing of COVID restrictions by the Scottish Government, the SAA are delighted to announce that as from Friday 12th March, R/C flying in groups of no more than 15 many recommence on the proviso that the below document entitled: COVID Sports Specific Guidelines for the Scottish Aeromodellers Association Rev 7-dd446 is fully adhered to. This is in draft form at the moment but I am happy that if the guidelines detailed in the document are followed, then we will be good to go. Any further relaxation of the restrictions will be communicated in the same way.


Enjoy and Happy Landings


Steve McDonald

SAA Chairman




Phase 3 return to sport and physical activity guidance

(Yellow highlighting denotes the revised changes in this release)





Sportscotland Covid Officer


File: 03sportscotland-covid-officer-365e1.pdf



Risk Assessment Example


File: 04risk-assessment-example-0897d.pdf



Risk Assessment Template Blank


File: 05risk-assessment-template-blank-7cf37.docx



Risk Assessment Template Blank


File: 06risk-assessment-template-blank-ea98c.xlsx



Covid Sports Specific Guidance for the Scottish Aeromodellers Association (Yellow highlighting denotes the revised changes in this release)




Risk Assessment Example for Aeromodelling


File: 08RiskAssessmentExampleforAeromodelling-f65fc.docx