Update - 23rd Dec 2020


Q: Can I Still Fly?


A: Our Covid Framework Guidance is based on the fact that we are a sports organisation recognised as such by SportScotland, and each club is therefore a sports facility.


The Covid framework covers a club for up to 30 people on site for competition practice and skill development. However all other flying and “Coffee & Chat” visits comes under the “social” heading and comes under the 6 people from 2 household rule which in most cases will mean 2 people. People on social visits are compromising the others.


From the 16th November update from SportScotland: Update to travel for Level 3 (5-mile guidance). Participants can travel around 5 miles from home (into another LA) and ‘take part in sport or physical activity outdoors and for essential individual indoor exercise’. ‘Essential’ in this case may, for instance, be where someone is a member at a facility in a neighbouring LA area and is unable to access another local facility in the same area. However, this does not allow you to cross from one Covid level to a different level.


From 26th Dec the underlying restrictions in each tier have not changed; what has happened that counties have changed tier so new restrictions apply to them




Q1: If an SAA member pays the SAA directly does the SAA have a record of which club they belong to?


A1: Yes, each member notifies us on the application which club he wishes to be registered against. If they do not want registered against a club they can register as a Country Member. We only hold details of their primary club and not any secondary club they may also join.


Q2. Do you issue documents to confirm that a club is affiliated to the SAA ?


A2: The SAA does not issue affiliation application forms or confirmation certificates to clubs at this time.


Q3: Can my club affiliate to the SAA?


A3: Club affiliation is open to all Scottish aeromodelling clubs with a minimum SAA membership of five persons. This does not preclude an individual who wishes to register a discrete club name as a precursor to establishing a larger club. It must be noted, however, that a minimum of five members is required to fully affiliate and obtain voting rights of a club. Until that number is registered, the individuals will be regarded as Country Members for voting purposes