SAA Insurance


The Scottish Aeromodellers Association provides insurance as part of your membership. 


Insurance 2020

We are happy to report that we have gained cover and it is in place for everyone in the SAA to be insured for 2020. We would like to bring to your attention the following statement from our insurance providers regarding the outline requirements for your insurance cover.


Quick Start Guide: What about insurance cover ?


“Members should be aware that most insurance policies are limited to cover ‘lawful activities’ and therefore the best way to ensure certainty of cover is to comply with the CAA’s registration & competency requirements if you operate any unmanned aircraft for which they are a legal requirement. It is also important to note that any legal costs and/or punitive financial sanctions incurred by an individual member under criminal law as a result of non-compliance will be outside the scope of cover”.


The BMFA’s affiliated clubs will remain fully protected by the BMFA’s insurance in the event of a claim made against them, should individual members be found to be non-compliant.


We are also reminded that our SAA insurance cover relies upon the fact that members are “undertaking model flying activities under the auspice (support or approval), control or direction of the SAA” this involves following the SAA Safety Achievement Scheme. 



Membership shall be open to all Scottish nationals and

aeromodellers resident in Scotland.


This may be varied by the Council if still within objectives. A person shall be deemed a member, from the date of receipt of the appropriate membership fee by the Membership Secretary, or an officially appointed agent. Fees for 2020 are as follows,


Full (Adult/Senior) £29.00
Junior Membership £15.00
Family Membership £35.00
Family Junior (with above) £0.00


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Membership Renewal Form


Club codes can be found here

Or Write to :- SAA Membership Secretary

47 Crofthead Crescent

Bellshill, North Lanarkshire,



Membership grades shall be as follows:-

Club Member

Club members may join through an affiliated club. Each member will be provided with insurance.

Country Member

This shall be available to members where membership through a club is impractical. Each member will be provided with insurance.

Junior Club Member

Members, who are under 18 years of age on 1st January in any membership year, shall be deemed to be a Junior Member. Conditions of membership shall be as for Members except for Fees.

Junior Country Member

Country Members, who are under 18 years of age on 1st January in any membership year, shall be deemed to be a Junior Country Member. Conditions of membership shall be as for Members except for Fees.

Family Membership

This shall be available to family members only, and shall provide for one full Membership and any junior memberships residing at the same address and joining through the same Club. Each family member so covered, will be deemed to have conditions applicable as per individual Membership.

Fellow of the SAA

Bestowed by the Council for exceptional services to the aims of the Association. Fellowship may be bestowed at the AGM at the Council's discretion. The title is honorary.


    • A club member may join the SAA through one affiliated club only, and shall be deemed to be a member of that club only for voting purposes.
    • Membership fees shall be set at the Annual General Meeting and shall apply on the first day of January following the Annual General Meeting.
    • The membership year shall be a calendar year from the 1st January.
    • Annual fees become due on January 1st. Members whose subscriptions have not been received by 1st of January will be deemed lapsed and uninsured. With effect from 31st January, to avoid lapse in membership and insurance, members shall be able to renew any time on or after 1st November and be deemed fully paid up until 31st December of the succeeding year. Members renewing during this two-month period will do so at the existing annual fee. Members renewing on or after 1st January will do so at the new rate as fixed at the AGM.
    • A member joining for the first time after 30th September shall receive membership from receipt until 31st December of the succeeding year.

Club Affiliation

    • Club affiliation is open to all Scottish aero modelling clubs with a minimum SAA membership of five persons.