CAA Renewal Registration 2021 



On renewal or registration of the CAA registration system members may find that they are prompted for new information, which was not asked for last year. The new fields are, Telephone, Insurer and Policy number, these are not mandatory to complete and most people are not aware of their Insurer and Policy number. You may also find that if you are changing from the SAA registering/renewing your CAA registration to going on-line direct you may be prompted to take the on-line test, which again has changed as the new test now covers a 5-year period. If you have any questions please contact the SAA Membership Secretary who will be happy to advise you (contact details of SAA Officials can be found on the SAA contacts page).   



Please contact us if you have any queries about registering for your flyer ID or operator ID.

Drone and Model Aircraft Registration Team
Telephone: 0330 022 9930
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm





Drone Registration Education System


It’s been quite an eventful month since the DRES went live and everyone has been eager to understand what they should do to remain flying. All the model associations have been issuing their interpretation of the guidance and advising their members. The processes are still not 100% clear, however our advice is,


  • Make sure you have an achievement award or sit the on line test by 30th Nov 2019.
  • Pay your £9.00 to the SAA or direct if you use the DRES on line.
  • Complete the SAA Registration form provided to the club by the SAA and return this to the SAA Membership Secretary by 10th Jan 2020.
  • Fly legally - Please note that to be insured you must fly lawfully for this you should register with the CAA. No Operator ID or (Flying ID or copy of the General Exemption plus an achievement award) may mean no insurance.
  • Label your aircraft once you have your Operator ID.
  • Passing the DRES/Drone test does not circumvent the SAA achievement scheme e.g. Bronze.
  • Clubs should ensure members are registered and flying safely at all times, this includes ensuring membership cards are available when intending to fly as well as operator and flyer registration.


Please also note: Aircraft Safety: Endangering the safety of an aircraft could result in a five-year prison sentence. Failure to comply: could result in a fixed penalty notice or prosecution if challenged by the Police should they suspect you of flying unlawfully.


Register Drones and Model Aircraft


Please see below a link to the CAA website for guidance and information.

Drone and Model Aircraft Guidance


From the 5th November 2019 all members of the SAA need to have completed the DRES on line test by 30th November 2019 or have an achievement award.


Further useful updates can be found on the BMFA Website, following the link below.


BMFA Drone-and-Model-Aircraft-Registration Exemptions


SAA Registration Form


The form required for members to allow registration to be made through the SAA is below in word and PDF format.


SAA DRES Registration Form


SAA DRES Registration Form.pdf

Terms and Conditions


To allow registration through your Model Flying Club members need to agree to the DRES Terms and Conditions.


Privacy Notice


To allow registration through your Model Flying Club members need to agree to the DRES Privacy Statement.