Latest SAA Recruitment Update Aug 2020 


As we approach this year’s A.G.M. we do not know at this point what format it will take though hopefully we will be able to meet as usual but if not then we will look at how best to proceed and advise accordingly closer to the time. Apart from the virus this year we have had the major upset of losing Geoff Stevens, our treasurer, and I would like to thank Gordon Hunter stepping in to help through to the end of this year. There will be a number of positions to be filled at the AGM and the Treasurer is one of them. Your role is to monitor the association’s expenditure and draw up the budget for the following year. We use Microsoft Excel which is fairly easy to use and full training will be given with Gordon giving support until you are comfortable with it. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and CD’s Rep are all due for replacement and we are still seeking an Editor. As you can see this is a huge task which is why we are starting to look now, and are appealing directly to see what you can do to help. In addition to these main roles we have assistant opportunities to help with our recruitment campaign currently being driven by Dougie Sheppard. He is trialling some ideas and the successful ones will need to be rolled out across Scotland. We currently lose about 1 member per club per year and while it does not seem much it is approx 500 members over 10 years, so we need to reverse that trend and pool our best practice solutions for recruitment and training. All the council positions with the exception of the Editor and Membership Secretary and Merchandising Officer carry voting rights at the council meetings of which we have about 8 a year. Recently these have been on-line virtual meetings as we have not been able to get together. Petrol expenses are paid for travelling on Council business. To give a brief outline of the job roles (more details can be found in the association’s Constitution):


The main responsibility of The Chairman is to ensure correct environment in which each Council Member may carry out his/her duties, and be responsible for overseeing the highest possible ethical standards of conduct. The Chairman is the primary liaison contact for the CAA, BMFA, LMA and FPVUK.


Vice Chairman

In addition to the natural duty of understudy to Chairman the Vice Chairman will normally take charge of the Training, Safety and Achievement Scheme. The Vice Chairman is the primary liaison contact with the insurance company.



The Secretary is the sole person responsible for all correspondence between the Association and outside bodies, and between the Association and clubs, with the exception of the treasurer and bank / auditor communications.


Contest Directors’ Representative

The Contest Director’s Representative represents the various elected Contest Directors by taking any financial support requests to the council. He is responsible for listing, care and maintenance of all SAA contest equipment and trophies.



The Newsletter Editor’s role is collating news and views, and publishing them as a Newsletter at a frequency agreed with Council, normally 3 per year. He shall be solely responsible for contents of the Newsletter.


Merchandising Officer

The Merchandising Officer has the role of stocking and selling SAA merchandise throughout the year at events agreed with Council.


As you can see this is almost a complete new team so I am appealing for new blood and new ideas to take the association forward. My phone number is 07906237790 if you want more information without commitment, or talk to Tom Laird on 07761-645644 who has a good overview of the association and is independent of the Council.


For the new people coming on board there is a period of shadowing so you are not going to be dropped in the deep end and left to fend for yourself. In addition, the Guardians are always available for a chat if you are looking for guidance and assistance.


We need your help for the continued existence of our association. In the past eight years the regulations regarding running associations and data protection have changed and we weathered that. Since then the four recognised associations (SAA, BMFA, LMA, FPVUK) have been in talks with the government in regard to changes to the ANO and the introduction of the DRES scheme which has evolved into the DMARES scheme. During that time we also successfully stayed off a change that could have seriously curtailed our flying with the blanket introduction of a 400ft max altitude when we argued our case that we should continue as we are for models up to 7kg and we got an exemption from that change. We should by the end of the year have had an agreement on how we should be moving forward with the delayed EASA regulations.


As you can see the years of turmoil should now be over and we can now get on with model flying and the amount of work required by the council should be back to normal levels. Yours in anticipation Jim McGlynn.